Quiet Reflections on Violence and Regeneration

May 25, 2018


Today I’m present to tenderness from the violence in our world – like a raw open wound. I am as aware as ever that only when we allow our wounds to be touched are they healed.

It is the primary task, and not a casual task, for each of us who is witnessing the level of disconnect in our world today, to commit to cultivating a conscious compassionate relationship with our self. The human fabric is built on intimate relationship… and the human fabric is in crisis. The real work begins with being willing to turn towards, rather than away, from our pain and to allowing honesty to heal us.  

My new book came out on May 22. When a book is first published, it is often customary for the author to go into an active promotional push for visibility.

Instead, my partner and I are on retreat this week… a contemplative retreat…restoration and deep time in nature.  From the consciousness of “We,” rather than “I vs you,” I trust there is no push or force needed. I trust that this moment is calling for me to restore, to celebrate a big accomplishment before a book tour begins….to model regeneration as a vital part of being of service to the world. I am grateful to surround myself with fragrant earth and swaying trees and quiet cloud mountain tops… letting my awe for the natural world wash away the myth of separation between myself and any of it… or myself and any of you reading this right now. This is time to integrate the awareness of “We consciousness”… Life is there to remind us in every moment if we are listening. 

My book is about remembering the consciousness of “We” or interconnection, about cultivating shared power and releasing the myth of separation that supports “power over.”  

I wrote this book for people whose hearts feel tender from witnessing the level of disconnection in our world…and who understand that only when we turn towards, rather than away from, our pain for the world, do we prevent the news that bombards us every day to put us further into despair. Our pain becomes fuel for the regenerative nature of our heart. 

Please celebrate this work with me quietly this week by turning towards, rather than away, from your pain. Please celebrate with me by immersing yourself, if only just for a few minutes, in the contemplative regenerative field of nature.It is my hope that this book is passed from hand to hand, as part of healing our human fabric. 

If you read it and are moved by it, please pass it on. I wrote it for our collective healing in an age of great uncertainty. Click here for more information.

In Peace,


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