An Invitation for Changing Times

August 4, 2019

At a time when so many among us are feeling powerless about social injustice, patriarchy, and the environment, overwhelmed by the issues of climate change and species extinction, and are seeking strength in their own commitment to awakening and acting, Nina Simons and I have co-created an extraordinary training offering tools and practices for a new paradigm of remembering who we truly are, and sensing, acting and centering in these relational realities. If you feel called to join us, please do not wobble. Take this opportunity to heart and register now… or reach out about a scholarship and find a way to be there for this.

This is a time for remembering our whole selves… for committing  to collective truth with more dedication, conviction, joy, and courage than we ever have before. Limiting beliefs – personal or societal – are not worth a moment of our time here. There is a huge opportunity for rebalancing that which has been off balance for generations of human history. The yin and yang, dark and light, expressive and receptive, active and passive aspects of nature and the human spirit. Through this sacred balance we remember wholeness… our innate wholeness. 

Our collective power comes from clear-seeing, perceiving wholeness rather than duality. Stepping beyond the false notions that the “inner work” is somehow separate from the outer work, beyond the notion that spiritual awakening is an individual pursuit, and beyond the notion that compassion is always passive and gentle, we acknowledge the invitation to wake up together and co-create the world we wish to see.

Having just returned from one of my retreats with Nina, I’m aware of the profound shifts that everyone experiences.  I am also aware of the web of interconnection through which each person’s transformation impacts the communities they interface with. Nina and I  have a way together of cutting through BS and inviting people into the power of shared presence and courage, which then becomes medicine for the entire collective. This work impacts our lives, our future, our history, our ancestors, and the human field of consciousness.

People of every gender can benefit from this training, and it is our future vision to offer this training for people of all genders. For this retreat, however, we are inviting women only to join us for a 5-day immersion in Colorado, September 16-20. Stay tuned… we will announce other invitations soon.


Nina and I draw upon decades of shared experience as leaders in our fields, as spiritual practitioners, leaders and activists, and women devoted to transforming our pain for our world into compassionate action. Nina’s work has focused largely on women and the emergent ‘feminine’ for the past twenty years. We draw upon the shared teachings of Relational Mindfulness, Leadership and Zen Buddhism, Shamanism, Indigeneity and spiritual traditions throughout the world.