Basic Workshop Descriptions

Relational Mindfulness:
Cultivating Freedom & Authenticity in How We Relate

If we live as if the purpose of every meeting is a heart-to-heart encounter, we give ourselves permission to let down our guard, see through the limitations of the conditioned mind, and cultivate ease and authenticity in how we relate. Consider that Transparency is freedom… Freedom is transparency. 

This workshop is about letting go of the needless efforting of our social conditioning and the habits of the mind of separation, and learning to reside in the freedom of presence and vulnerability. Relating “in the moment” with one another is a form of meditation that allows us to express, listen, see, and be seen. It requires open-ness, courage, and curiosity, and allows for intimacy and transformation. Through relational mindfulness we receive a gift of connection with ourselves and with others that we can carry into every aspect of our lives.

All are welcome… This workshop is for both experienced meditators and those who are new to practice. Please bring a journal/pen and a cup/mug for tea.


Erotic intelligence

You are invited to join us for a deep, profound, playful, and healing exploration of the realm of sexuality and desire. This is an invitation to bring the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and conscious movement to remembering, affirming, and celebrating erotic intelligence. This retreat will include: meditation, relational mindfulness, conscious movement and dance, facilitated group discussion, dharma talks, writing exercises, mindful eating, and time to restore and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Still Meadow Retreat Center.

Through examining and releasing our conditioning around sexuality and bringing curiosity and compassion to this realm of life, we will nurture and affirm authenticity, joy, and freedom in our relationship with sexuality. We will invite in greater choice, deeper connection to our natural intelligence, and will deepen our capacity for presence, acceptance, and ecstasy in this aspect of our lives and in what we offer one another.

All are welcome – meditators and those that are new to practice, those of every sexual orientation, gender, or relationship status.

Mindful Movement and Conscious Dance Offered by Mark D’Aquila.


Letting Go of Fear

F.E.A.R…. False Evidence Appearing Real. Even though we know intellectually that fear does not serve us, we allow fear to delude and limit us in countless ways. We might not even be aware of the ways that fear drives us and makes us smaller than we are. Do we push fear away? Dive into it? Try to transcend it and become fearless? How do we meet fear from the wisdom and tenderness of our dharma practice? How do we become friends with fear? In this day-long retreat, through meditation, awareness exercises, dharma talks, relational mindfulness, and group discussion, we will apply the practice of conscious compassionate awareness to our relationship with fear. We will bring radical honesty, compassion, and mindful inquiry to our relationship with fear and gain tools and insights for how to experience authentic courage, equanimity, and personal freedom through awareness practice in daily life.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring a journal & pen.


Unconditional Love

Most of us have been fed endless conditioned messages about what we need to do to be lovable and how we need to improve ourselves, fix ourselves, meet certain standards, and effort to love… and these standards unconsciously create our reality and diminish our life force.

What if you could let all of that go and access the still expansive place of compassionate and unconditional acceptance, without having to change a thing about yourself? What if learning to love yourself unconditionally was easier than you think? What if offering this to yourself made it possible and natural for you to offer this to everyone else?

This workshop is based in the practice of Conscious Compassionate Awareness and offers the choice to reside in the field of unconditional love in every moment, regardless of circumstance. This workshop will benefit your relationship with yourself, those around you, and the world-at-large. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal/pen.


THE Dharma of Interconnection
Aligning Ourselves with Joy: A One Day Summer Retreat

We live in a world that supports a mentality of “faster, more, better.” Often our focus is outward on doing, achieving, deadlines, yet our attention isn’t grounded in the present moment and such activities lead to stress, exhaustion, imbalance. This retreat is an opportunity to pause, savor the experience of being alive, focus on how to align with an effortless and sustainable way to grow.

We will uncover beliefs that no longer serve, aligning with the ease of compassionate awareness. This workshop will include sitting and walking meditation, mindful eating, guided imagery, Awareness Practice exercises, and group discussion. A chanting practice that attunes us to the energy of growth that summer brings will also be offered.


Sex & Spirit:
A Five-Week Course on Integrating Compassionate Awareness with Sexuality

This workshop series is an invitation to participate in a deep and vital exploration of the ancient divide between spirituality and sexuality, in our selves and in our world-at-large, with meditation and the practice of compassionate awareness as our guide. If you feel a deep call from within to go beyond the unexamined ways that the sex-spirit divide impacts our relationships – with one another, our bodies, our souls, and our planet – join us for this opportunity to move into greater freedom and authenticity. This is an invitation to create a new level of understanding of our selves as sexual and spiritual beings, as we move beyond duality into embodied integration of these aspects of our true nature.

This workshop series is open to both beginning and experienced meditators. It is open to people of all genders, sexual orientation, and relationship status. This workshop will involve meditation, writing, relational mindfulness, group discussion, guided imagery, creative expression, movement, and juicy rich homework assignments.