Eden’s new book, Relational Mindfulness: A Handbook for Deepening Our Connection with Ourselves, Each Other, and the Planet, is coming out with Wisdom Publications in May 2018; pre-order available now!  This is a book about healing the myth of separation through our relationship with self, one another, and our planet.


Here is some advanced praise for the book:
“Eden Tull meets us where we live: in constant interaction with self, other, world. What she offers is both ancient and to the moment. She draws on the Buddha’s timeless teachings, absorbed in her years as a monk, and ripened now by her engagement with the challenges of a society in crisis. Our work together has generated my great respect for her integrity, deepening my appreciation for this marvel of a book.”
–Joanna Macy, author, *Coming Back to Life*.
“Relational Mindfulness is a blueprint to take our mindfulness practice out into every corner of our life. Skillfully weaving practical exercises, personal stories, and illuminating observations, Deborah Eden Tull shows us how we can practice everywhere: personally, relationally, socially, and ecologically. This wise and compassionate book is a wakeup call for our times.”
-Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and author of Fully Present: The Science Art and Practice of Mindfulness
“Relational Mindfulness is water in an increasingly arid landscape. Eden has distilled learning from many years of monastic practice into pure essence, and this book makes that wisdom available to anyone. Its storytelling, practices and exercises will bring anyone great benefit, and they are clear, needed and timely. For greater inner peace, personal alignment and increasing your vital, present and kind experience of life, I commend it to you.”
-Nina Simons
Co-Founder, Bioneers
Director, Everywoman’s Leadership
“Having seen the benefits of relational mindfulness practices over many years, I am delighted to see Deborah Eden Tull’s expansion of relational mindfulness into many new domains. She skillfully brings her unique lens to bear on a range of topics such as internalized racism and technology and offers the reader a helpful and empowering perspective.”
– Marvin G. Belzer, Ph.D.
Associate Director
UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center