Mid-Year Conscious Intentions Check-In
An online workshop – description and more info to follow.

This online class is an invitation for all those who attended Awake in the New Year: Setting Conscious Intentions for Our Lives in 2015, either the residential retreat or a day-long or half-day retreat.

We have made it to the mid-year point of 2015. This is an opportunity to consciously review, renew, and re-inspire the intentions you set in January, with Eden as your guide. This workshop offers a process for harvesting the lessons you have learned so far, acknowledging your victories and challenges this year, and looking in the mirror with curiosity and non-judgment to see how you have aligned with our heart’s intentions and how you get distracted or confused by conditioning. This is an invitation to reinvigorate and recommit to that which is most important to you, and to remember the vital importance of self-compassion, authenticity, deep listening, and personal sustainability as you move into the rest of 2015 and continue to embody the truth of your authentic self.

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