Mindful Inquiry:
A Path to Freedom and Clear Seeing
Non Residential Retreat Weekend

This training is for facilitators, therapists, healers, activists, and those who have an existing meditation practice and want to deepen their embodiment. It is not appropriate for those who are new to meditation.


Mindful inquiry is the process of bringing compassionate present-moment investigation to our inner experience.  Awareness practice helps us to discover and uncover obstacles and limiting beliefs to living as fully and joyfully as we are here to live.  Mindful inquiry offers a simple and profound pathway to assist ourselves and others in becoming more present and compassionate.

This training both for those who facilitate meditation and mindfulness or work with others as therapists or healers.  It is also appropriate for those who have an existing practice and wish to go deeper.

Mindful inquiry is a vital tool for helping people to go beyond the limitations of the conditioned mind.  It is also a transformative skill to have in everyday life, to engage with the field of human relationships with clear seeing, and to see oneself more clearly.

In this training you will learn and deepen in skills for inquiry.  These include: Deep Listening, Clear Seeing, The Art of the Question, Transparency, Offering Skillful Feedback, and Compassionate Action.  You may use these skills for personal investigation and for facilitating others.

Mindful inquiry is held in the spirit of learning how to be of service rather than trying to be helpful, fix, or change people.  It is a gateway to intimacy, clarity, and deeper understanding and peace.

This training will take your practice and what you offer to a whole new depth.  This work will meet you where you are and invite into greater embodiment of compassionate presence.  While my training in Mindful Inquiry came through Zen Buddhism, I teach it to Buddhist and non-Buddhists who want to engage more mindfully in the world.

To apply: Please submit a detailed personal statement of intention and experience, as well as your connection to Eden’s teaching, to admin [at] deborahedentull.com, as well as your payment for the weekend. Once your personal statement has been reviewed, you will receive formal confirmation.

Dates: Saturday January 12th 11am-5pm & Sunday January 13th 11am-5pm

Location: La Maida, Los Angeles, CA

Cost: This course is on a sliding scale and you have three payment options available $350, $375, and $400.


Scholarships are available. Please email admin@deborahedentull.com for details. 

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