RESTORING THE DIVINE FEMININE: A New Paradigm of Presence as Power


For Both Women and Men to Deepen Practice and Further Embrace the Divine Feminine as a Source of Power in Our Lives

In a world that still holds the misconception that Force = Strength = Power… Zen meditation and 10322780_644083602334529_2715695709409943282_nmindfulness help us to remember a deeper, more subtle, wiser, and more gentle embodiment of power that comes from honoring the divine feminine. In this 6-week course, through meditation and mindfulness, awareness exercises, guided imagery, dharma talks, and facilitated group discussion, we will reconnect with the power of the divine feminine in our meditation practice and in our life-at-large. Some of the topics we will explore are:


  • The innate qualities of the divine feminine 
  • The power of the sacred pause
  • How to identify and dissolve the residue of the exaggerated masculine in our lives and in our culture
  • The relational and empathetic qualities of the divine feminine… the true power of vulnerability
  • The tenacity and gentle strength of deep listening, accepting, allowing, and working with rather than against life
  • How to discern between ego and awareness in the process of creating 
  • Deep time and honoring one’s authentic pace
  • Spaciousness as a source of strength and restoration on a daily basis



COST: SLIDING SCALE $250-$350 OR receive a discounted 1-hour Personal session as well and pay SLIDING SCALE $325- $450 

SUNDAYS: MAY 10, 17, 24, 31, AND JUNE 10 OR
WEDNESDAYS: MAY 13, 20, 27 AND JUNE 10 and 17

Please note that I am offering 2 options (Sundays and Wednesdays). Sessions will also be recorded, if you have to miss one. There will be assignments offered in between to help you integrate what you learn into your life, and Eden will send an email each week further responding to some of the questions and themes coming up in our discussions.

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