Monthly Deepening Practice Program

 To perceive meaning is a distortion on perception. Meaning annihilates curiosity.
-Deborah Eden Tull
While the mind of separation speaks to us loudly and busily, the guidance that comes form present moment awareness speaks to us kindly It speaks to us though insight, intuition, reassurance, and gentle knowing, guiding us step by step and breath by breath.
-Deborah Eden Tull


The Deepening Practice Program was created to support people from all over the world to work more intimately with Eden and to deepen embodiment of practice. Joining the Deepening Practice Program gives you a monthly personal consultation with Eden via phone or Skype  as well as access to a monthly Evening of Practice that Eden guides remotely. Each Evening of Practice is recorded, and includes a guided meditation, dharma talk, and time for Inquiry and Q&A. A library of Deepening Practice dharma talks are available to participants.


The focus of the Deepening Practice Program in 2019 is: 

The Heart of the Bodhisattva: Cultivating Joy and Courage in an Age of Uncertainty 

The upcoming meeting dates for Deepening Practice are:

Sunday, May 19, at 5:00 PM EST/ 2:00 PM PST.

Meeting times for Deepening Practice sessions will be announced at the beginning of each month. 

You are invited to join Deepening Practice on 2 levels of participation:
1) By paying a sliding scale donation of $125-300/ month and receiving:

-A monthly Personal Consultation with Eden (via phone/Skype)

-Access to a monthly Online Evening of Practice with Eden (Note that these will be recorded if you have to miss it.)

2) If you make a monthly donation of $25, you can participate in Eden’s monthly Deepening Practice conference call.

This option is for those of you who feel a commitment to deepening practice in your own life and to working with Eden and the Mindful Living Revolution community in a more intimate way. We encourage you to join us in deepening practice and helping us to expand our reach.

The purpose of this program is to offer support and accountability for deepening their practice. Therefore, the monthly session offered is not to be transferred to other months. It is meant to be used once a month. If there are unusual circumstances where you get sick or cannot make your session that month you can let us know in advance.

Deepening Practice Donation Amount


2019 Recordings of Deepening Practice