Personal Consultations
for Individuals & Couples

What Makes My Personal Coaching Sessions Unique?

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Mark Van Doren

What I offer is not traditional therapy. I do not give advice or analyze. My background (and daily practice) is Zen Buddhism and conscious compassionate awareness. I offer a process to help people become more present, compassionate, and empowered in their lives, to uncover conditioned beliefs and patterns that have held them back, and to discover the resources they have within for living a life of authenticity and fulfillment, regardless of the circumstances. In a sense, what I offer is support for deepening practice, whether you are interested in secular mindfulness or Zen Buddhism, and learning how to meet life with wakefulness, non-judgement, clarity, compassion, and trust.

My gifts include: presence, deep listening skills and the ability to help people to uncover that which they cannot fully see in themselves, awareness practices that allow us to unplug from old unconscious habits and patterns in order to have more choice and freedom in our response to life, a rich personal experience in how to bring practice into every aspect of our lives, and a commitment to personal transformation in the lives of everyone who seeks it. I offer a grounded and sensitive approach to personal growth and self discovery. I also have personal experience living with with chronic pain/fibromyalgia and allowing the power of awareness practice to transform one’s relationship with the body and well-being.

Our time here on this planet is short and what we do with our energy and attention in that time is truly our choice. I help people to let go of limiting beliefs and to align themselves with peace and possibility, to celebrate the time that they are here.

People come to me for coaching for many reasons. These have included:

  • Deepening practice and integrating mindfulness and meditation into daily life
  • Cultivating resilience and clarity through a life transition or crisis
  • Weekly or monthly coaching for living life authentically and meeting goals, both personal and career, through the lens of process rather than content
  • Support through chronic illness and physical pain challenges
  • Coaching through the process of personal and planetary sustainability
     – For couples, I offer support for cultivating mindful communication and real intimacy, and I help couples to bring relational mindfulness into their daily lives.

Sign Up for a Personal Coaching Session with Deborah Eden Tull by clicking the link below. Sessions are 50min and couple’s sessions are 1.25hrs.

Price List**

  • One Individual Session: $135 ($140)
  • 3 Individual Sessions: $390 ($400)
  • 6 Individual Sessions: $750 ($760)
  • One Couples Session: $240 ($250)
  • 3 Couples Sessions (including conscious intentions process): $675 ($700)
    *(numbers in parenthesis are Paypal prices)


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