Deborah Eden Tull offers workshops both for schools and in the work place, including corporate environments. While the foundation of the practice of compassionate awareness is sitting meditation, the purpose is to learn how to bring mindful awareness to every aspect and every moment of our ordinary day-to-day lives. We learn how to use our ordinary experience – how we work, how we communicate, how we relate, and how we learn – as opportunities to become more present, to let go of unskillful and unhelpful patterns and beliefs, to develop personal resilience and peace of mind, and ultimately to cultivate a kinder, more compassionate, more sustainable world inside and out.

Deborah Eden Tull offers workshops at schools for students, teachers, and parents.

Past clients have included:schools_16_3180983361
Marlborough School
Center for Early Education
New Roads School
Play Mountain Place
Anneliese School
Manzanita School
and more…

Topics can include:

Mindful Awareness
Conscious Compassionate Communication
Mindful Eating
Mindful Leadership
Organic Sustainable Gardening
Sustainability from the Inside Out
and more…

A workshop can be designed to meet the exact needs of each school.

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Deborah Eden Tull offers both public and private workshops called
Compassion-at-Work: How to Bring Mindfulness to the Workplace.

These workshops are offered as a series or individually and are designed to assist people in learning how to use their relationship to work as an opportunity to develop mindful presence, focus, compassionate discipline, conscious communication, work-life balance, ease and relaxation, and unbridled creativity. These workshops also assist people in gaining an understanding in how to apply the principles of sustainability both inside and out.

Past clients have included:
The Shalom Institute
The Omega Institute
All Shades of Green
Beyond Shelter
Tender Greens
and more…

A workshop can be designed to meet the needs of each unique audience.

To arrange an event, please contact Deborah Eden Tull at:

The Mindful Living Revolution workshop for our school staff set the motion for the year… It created a space for introspection and building confidance in ourselves and our team…and we were all inspired and excited by the experience of coming together for silence and meditation. This workshop was a transformative way for our staff to start the year!

Kevin Gruenberg, teacher, Play Mountain Place