The human sphere is not the only sphere. We are made whole by realizing our relationship with the biosphere. It is not enough to engage with the natural world through a screen. It is vital that we relearn to relate through our senses.
-Deborah Eden Tull

Eden has been a sustainability educator for over 25 years. She views meditation and mindfulness as a means for healing our relationship with the planet as well as healing our relationships with ourselves and one another. Eden offers a holistic and experiential approach to sustainability that is based in mindful inquiry, the teachings of Zen, and Deep Ecology.Eden also teaches Personal Sustainability and the principles for living in balance and awareness in daily life.

Deborah Eden Tull, has been of great help consulting me with developing my new business. Her tremendous knowledge and passion about a sustainable world are extremely inspiring and educational. Her clear and focused communication skills accompanied by her embodied kindness make attending her workshops as well as ‘one-on-one’ consultation a very beneficial and enriching experience. I want to express greatest respect and gratitude for everything she has taught and shared with me and the community.

Karin Haase-Sehr,



Mindful Eating and The Food Revolution

“Deborah Eden Tull’s workshops and personal coaching has shown me how easy it is to have a strong connection to the food you eat. Learning how to eat mindfully and grow in your backyard really leads to new ways of thinking about how food gets your plate and a new level of consciousness.”
Jesse Atlas

“Eden is a woman that embodies and lives what she is teaching which makes her extremely easy to listen to and feel comfortable with. Her integrity, knowledge, and experience in what she teaches is inspiring, and made each exercise and talk clear and concise. There is so much I was unaware of until this workshop, which has continued to contribute and inspire my daily living and experience with food and my body. My participation in the Mindful Eating Workshop has me realizing that the more I understand what is happening within my own body, the more in tune I am with myself and the rest of the world. Even further, how I can impact the world around me in the process of shifting things within myself. I am grateful. Thank you.”
Natalie Sojka


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Eden’s coaching has really helped me to be a better, more attentive gardener. Every day I use techniques I learned from her and have noticed that my plants are much healthier and happier. The hands on approach of her teaching is key for me because I am a visual learner. I recommend Deborah Eden Tull to anyone who loves to garden regardless of their experience level.

Anne Albrecht

Thank you for a fantastic, hands-on learning experience at the Organic Gardening Workshop. I took 6 pages of notes as useful tools in my own organic gardening process.  While I’m a novice to organic gardening, I learned so much about soil health, crop rotation, companion planting, composting, and pest management.  The actual hands-on experience helped me to physically understand how to successfully do various tasks, what they should look like, and how it should feel.  The workshop exceeded my expectations and I am eager to apply my learning to our garden and household.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in organic gardening whatever stage they are in because there is so much to learn and take-away from this workshop.  I felt welcomed, that my specific issues and questions got addressed and I got to learn from others’ experiences too.  Thank you so much!

Liesel Reinisch