Giving Back to the Earth: A Peace Vase Pilgrimage in the Smoky Mountains

August 18 – 24, 2017

Milarepa Retreat Center

From August 18-24, 2017, Milarepa Retreat Center will be hosting a backpacking meditation retreat on the Appalachian Trail, co-facilitated by Deborah Eden Tull and Lama Karma (Justin Wall). This pilgrimage will take place in the beautiful Smoky Mountains and end at the stupa site in Happy Valley, Tennessee.  

The intention of this journey is to explore our relationship to sacred land and our interconnectedness with one another and the natural world, in order to enliven and empower sustainable social and environmental change. In this way, we will discover and create sacred ground through pilgrimage. 

This retreat will include meditation and mindfulness, relational practice, writing, and practices that deepen our receptivity to the natural world. Eden will guide us through The Work That Reconnects, a process developed by Joanna Macy that combines deep ecology, systems thinking, and nondualistic spirituality to transform the pain inherent in the deepening global crisis into compassionate action. Karma will guide us through the ancient Tibetan customs of fire ceremonies and the burying of treasure vases.  These and other practices are ways to to give back to the earth and develop the sacredness of place in the context of pilgrimage. 



Please email for details and to register.