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My bi monthly podcast will be returning January 1st, 2019.  May these recordings be of services to your practice and your awakening.

New Talks


Remembering That You Are Awareness Itself – Deepening Practice July Talk


How to Relate to the World, Yourself, and Others. -DENtalks Interview

How Do We Access the Spaciousness Within?

Self-Renewal and Relational Mindfulness (in conversation with Nina Simons)

Heart, Sangha, and Relational Mindfulness – Refuge Recovery Conference March 2019

Receptivity: Deep Listening as an Antidote to Reactivity and Violence

How To Meet Resistance And Fear

How To Listen to the News Without Falling into Despair

Courageous Compassionate Action

Deep Versus Shallow Listening

Relational Mindfulness – UCLA Retreat June 2018

Moving Beyond Reactivity About Star Of The World – 1440 Retreat June 2018

Relational Intelligence for Compassionate Engagement – 1440 Retreat June 2018

Self Compassion and Compassionate Leadership – 1440 Retreat June 2018

The Courage of the Bodhisattva

From Separation to Interconnection

Intimacy – With Our Self, One Another, and Our World

Restoring the Divine Feminine

Bringing Presence to the State of Our World

Transforming Anger Through Mindfulness

Navigating the Unknown

Compassionate Self Discipline

The Following Dharma Talks Were Given Online Through Worldwide Insight Between 2016-2018

The Unguarded Heart Meeting Anger and Resentment with Love and Forgiveness

The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Self

Why we Practice Reclaiming Authority, Ending Dissatisfaction, and Engaging Wholeheartedly

Letting go of Fear, Finding Courage in the Face of Uncertainty

Live Wholeheartedly and Leave Not a Trace

Our Sensitivity is our Greatest Strength

Relational Mindfulness How to Stay Awake in our Daily Interactions and Relationships

Guided meditations at the Hammer Museum

August 3, 2017 Play Here

April 27, 2017 Play Here

August 13, 2015 Play Here

June 26, 2014 Download Here

March 6, 2014 Download Here

Recent Dharma Talks at Against the Stream

The Myth of Self-Improvement

Sexuality and Mindfulness

Our Strength is Our Sensitivity

The Art of Satisfaction

Releasing Trauma through Unconditional Love

Relating to Pain

The Fantasy of Authority

Healing Our Relationship with Time

Personal Sustainability