Personal Sustainability and Compassion in Leadership – 1440 Multiversity Retreat on Compassionate Leadership
June 2018

The Masks We Wear to Avoid Vulnerability – Day-Long Retreat on Relational Mindfulness, Against the Stream
June 2018


Fearless Love – The Heart of Relational Mindfulness – Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society
June 2018


Dharma Talk on Self Aggrandizement & Self Deprecation
June 2018


Our Sensitivity is our Greatest Strength
Nov 20, 2016


The Unguarded Heart: Meeting Anger and Resentment with Love and Forgiveness
Apr 1, 2018


Why We Practice: Reclaiming Authority, Ending Dissatisfaction, and Engaging Wholeheartedly
Feb 25, 2018


Live Wholeheartedly and Leave Not a Trace
Jul 30, 2017


Letting go of Fear; Finding Courage in the Face of Uncertainty
Mar 5, 2017


Relational Mindfulness: How to Stay Awake in our Daily Interactions and Relationships
Oct 2, 2016