The Dharma of Interconnection:

Exploring the Heart of Relational Mindfulness


During this retreat, we will cultivate a greater sense of
understanding and care for ourselves through the revolutionary
practice of the Dharma. Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion
practices, both silently and in dialog, we will develop a balanced 
approach to our internal and relational worlds.

Each day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation,
Dharma talks, relational mindfulness, time in nature, and meetings with the teachers.

Mindfulness unites the stillness of concentration with the immediacy
of moment-to-moment experience, allowing intuitive wisdom to arise.
Compassion meditation practices call forth the beauty and depth of the
human heart. Relational mindfulness helps us to embody the
interconnection that is our natural state. Awareness of these
qualities strengthens and brings them into fruition. This process
guides our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors into the direction of
awakening to our full potential.

The retreat is suitable for new and experienced practitioners