True Love: A Buddhist Perspective on Loving Ourselves, One Another, and Our World

I offer True Love to help people bring mindfulness to the beautiful and messy realm of human relationship. It’s one thing to find peace on the meditation cushion and another thing to remember it in the middle of a triggering dynamic. Meditation teaches us that the subtlest form of love is attention. Through learning to pay subtle attention, moment by moment, how we relate transforms. We learn how to find spacious awareness when things are easy and when things are sticky. This is how, ultimately, we realize that love is who we actually are. True love never leaves us. We only leave it.

I hope this podcast is helpful and inspiring. Feel free to leave comments or post questions. These teachings are from my forthcoming book, Relational Mindfulness: A Handbook for Deepening Our Connection with Ourself, One Another, and the Planet.