While the mind of separation is loud and lives in shallow waters, whole mind is quiet and lives in deep waters. It hears the heart beating… the waves of the shore… the rhythmic experience of embodiment.
-Deborah Eden Tull

Please note that some retreats are held in silence, while others integrate silent meditation practice with relational mindfulness, solitude with conscious community building.


The Heart of Connection: With Ourselves,

Each Other, and Our Planet
Meditation Retreat in Finland

July 10 – 14, 2019
Elontuli Course Center
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Leading with Relational Mindfulness:
Regenerating Ourselves and Our World

July 28 – August 2, 2019
With Nina Simons & Deborah Eden Tull
Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA

Relational Mindfulness, Power, and the Deep Feminine: Experiential Training and Practice Retreat for Women, with Nina Simons and Deborah Eden Tull 

September 16-20, 2019
SunMountain Center
Manitou Springs, CO
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Awake in the New Year: Setting Conscious Intentions for Our Lives in 2020

Beauty December 27 – January 3, 2020
Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA

Liberating the Heart and Mind Through Mindfulness and Inquiry:

Retreat in Puerto Rico 

March 2020
Puerto Rico
Details and Registration Information Coming Soon

Rewiring for Joy

April 26 – May 1, 2020
1440 Multiversity
Scotts Valley, CA


Retreats are the most direct way to deepen our embodiment of compassionate awareness. On retreat, we stop, slow down, and savor our vibrant aliveness. We are guided in practices that allow the habit patterns of the conditioned mind to melt away so that we can remember who we are at a deeper level. 


Many of Eden’s retreats are held in the sanctuary of silence, which gives us support to listen to the still small voice within that often gets drowned out in the noise of daily life. 

Some retreats — including silent meditation practice  while sitting and walking — also include conscious movement, writing, dharma talks, personal guidance sessions, solo time, Relational Mindfulness and the opportunity to connect with one another. This movement between silence and gentle socializing, in a container of intention, can help people to access their ability to stay connected to true nature and energetic stillness whether alone or with others.

All retreats include deep time in nature and practices that help us to deepen our relationship with the natural world. The natural world is our greatest ally in remembering how to be fully alive, free, and in the flow.

 It can take preparation to pause from daily life and go on retreat. Retreats are life-changing and nourish the soul in the most profound way. Giving ourselves the gift of retreat is an expression of love and willingness. 


For retreats, the policy is: If you cancel 5 weeks or more before the
retreat begins, your registration payment minus a $75 administrative fee
will be refunded. If you cancel between 3 and 5 weeks before the retreat
begins, half of you registration pledge will be refunded. If you cancel
less than three weeks before the retreat begins (including if you both sign
up and cancel within those three weeks) your registration pledge will not
be refunded.