December 31, 2017 – January 5, 2018

Awake in the New Year:
Meditation & Conscious Intentions for  2018

A 5-Day Retreat
Scotts Valley, CA
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January 2018

Awake in the New Year:
Setting Conscious Intentions for Our Lives in 2018 

A Daylong Workshop offered in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Knoxville

In Santa Cruz at Insight Santa Cruz  on 1/6
In San Francisco at Against the Stream on 1/7 
In Los Angeles at The DEN on 1/10
In Los Angeles at UCLA on 1/13
In Knoxville, TN on 1/27



Offered Remotely

Thursday, December 21st

In 2018, the Deepening Practice Program will focus on: 

The Heart of the Bodhisattva: Cultivating Joy and Courage in an Age of Uncertainty 

See the Workshops Page for a full listing of upcoming retreats and workshops.


I consider it a tremendous gift to have had the opportunity to learn from Deborah Eden Tull.  Not only does she offer powerful tools for engaged awareness practice, she offers it with compassion, humor, and grace.  Her constant reminder to be kind to myself and to allow the process to be fun is radically shifting my approach to both meditation and sustainable living.

When I said my work with Eden moved me forward in a way nothing else has I didn’t mean “forward” in a self improvement way – I meant forward as in unstuck – unstuck from self hatred, from isolation, from being unable to receive love. Working with Eden offers opportunity for coming home to all of who you are – no one or nothing left out.

Going on retreat with Eden provides a rare and sacred opportunity to look deeply into everyday conditioning that keeps us from our innate joy.

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