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July 27 – August 5, 2015
Giving Back to the Earth:
A Pilgrimage and Wilderness Retreat in the Smoky Mountains
With Deborah Eden Tull and Lama Karma
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Upcoming Workshops and Opportunities to Deepen Practice

June 20, 2015
Relational Mindfulness: Cultivating Freedom & Authenticity in How We Relate
1:00 – 5:00 pm
Against the Stream
Santa Monica, CA
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New Talk: The Fantasy of Authority

New Podcast: Restoring the Divine Feminine

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Compassionate Self Discipline

Guided meditations with Deborah Eden Tull at the Hammer Museum –

June 26, 2014 Download Here
May 22, 2014 Download Here
March 6, 2014 Download Here

Dharma Talk:

Listen to a recent talk on Healing Our Relationship with Time by Deborah Eden Tull at Against the Stream on August 4th 2014. CLICK HERE

I consider it a tremendous gift to have had the opportunity to learn from Deborah Eden Tull.  Not only does she offer powerful tools for engaged awareness practice, she offers it with compassion, humor, and grace.  Her constant reminder to be kind to myself and to allow the process to be fun is radically shifting my approach to both mindfulness and sustainability.

When I said my work with Eden moved me forward in a way nothing else has I didn’t mean “forward” in a self improvement way – I meant forward as in unstuck – unstuck from self hatred, from isolation, from being unable to receive love. Working with Eden offers opportunity for coming home to all of who you are – no one or nothing left out.

Going on retreat with Eden provides a rare and sacred opportunity to look deeply into everyday conditioning that keeps us from our innate joy.